My 3D and Stereoscopic Photography
For ultimate image quality a DSLR can be recommended

3D with a DSLR

For ultimate picture quality on static subjects I prefer to use DSLR cameras and for this I have a Nikon D3000 and a Nikon D7100. The D3000 has a 10 mega pixel sensor whereas the D7100 has a 24 mega pixel sensor. The D7100 provides the best quality pictures of the two but be warned each RAW file is about 30mB meaning a stereo image starts out at approx 60mB! I often take handheld cha-cha pictures with the Nikon's but if the situation allows I like to use my own home built large tripod/slidebar based on an old Benbo tripod. This tripod allows all the legs to be manipulated independently allowing the centre column to be aligned horizontally. I have marked the column with 5cm divisions which allow me to accurately set the stereobase. Large and cumbersome it may be but it works well.

Nikon D3000

The image above shows my Nikon D3000 mounted on the Benbo tripod. (I know the lens cap is still in place!)

Nikon D3000 Mounted On Benbo Tripod Adapted For 3D.

This image shows my Nikon D3000 mounted on the adapted Benbo tripod with the centre column moved along slightly. The 5cm divisions are visible here.