My 3D and Stereoscopic Photography
How to take 3D images with a mobile phone

Mobile Phone 3D

People always seem to be incredulous when I tell them you can take 3D images with any camera. This was the thinking behind the disposable stereo camera. However, mindful that everyone is a 'photographer' now courtesy of their mobile phones I decided to prove that these can be perfectly viable 3D cameras too. My early shots with my mobile phone were taken hand held using the cha-cha method. These proved to be quite successful but better more predictable results were obtained using the equipment pictured here.

Sliderail and Mobile Phone Holder For Tripod.

The sliderail is actually meant for macro photography but the rack and pinion has 10cm side to side adjustment, perfect for close quarters 3D, but not for 3D landscapes. The small frame is the phone holder with tripod bush in its base. I obtained these from an internet auction site.

The second shot shows the arrangement complete with phone attached ready to mount onto a tripod.
Sliderail with Mobile Phone Mounted.