My 3D and Stereoscopic Photography

An exciting development in my photography in recent years is a foray into 3D photography. I have tried and indeed continue to try my hand at various aspects of this wonderful photographic discipline and the following pages chart my experiences and experimentation in this field.

How It Began For Me

How I became a 3D/stereoscopic photographer ...more

My Earliest 3D Photo Equipment

Initial experiments and equipment I used for my 3D photography ...more

The Fuji W3 Stereoscopic Camera

A superb piece of equipment, a must for any budding 3D photographer ...more

Iloca Stereo Rapid Camera.

A 1950's stereo camera ...more

Mobile Phone 3D

How to take 3D images with a mobile phone ...more

3D with a DSLR

For ultimate image quality a DSLR can be recommended ...more

Pentax Beam Splitter

A device for creating simultaneous side by side 3D images on a single frame with a single camera ...more