Its a 3D World Anaglyphs Gallery

Welcome to my 'Its a 3D World Anaglyphs Gallery'. I discovered 3D photography in 2010 and have been actively practising it ever since. This gallery contains my favourite images in this genre so far.

Note: To view these images Red/Cyan glasses will be required.

I well remember the wise words spoken many years ago by a famous photographer who said that to be successful you must specialize. This is indeed sound advice which I followed during my formative camera club days and I had much success with my automobile and music maker studies. I realised that the techniques I learnt in these disciplines could be adapted for other types of photography which was very fortuitous because during the twenty years that I have been producing my own pictures I have invariably dabbled in various styles and I hope my galleries reflect this.

Please be aware that all images are copyright and must not be reproduced in any manner.