Its a 3D World Stereocards Gallery

This gallery contains my collections of stereoviews. Stereoscopic photography was the original format of three dimensional photographic images which date from the Victorian era. These original stereocards were viewed with a variety of viewers ranging from the classic simple handheld type through to quite elaborate units. A stereoscopic image comprises two images side by side which look similar but are subtly different. One image represents the left eye view and the other represents the right eye view. It is possible to freeview the images without using viewers and this is a skill worth gaining. However, some people find it easier to freeview the images in parallel format which is the left eye image on the left and the right eye image on the right. These are the parallel stereos. Conversely, other people find freeviewing cross-eyed easier where the left image is on the right and vice versa. These are cross view stereos. To cater for the different viewing methods the images are presented here in both parallel and cross view versions. The parallel versions are above the cross views.